Meet our Blends

We believe in the power of coffee, and the importance of making informed decisions about coffee. We know that before choosing your brew, you need to understand what sets each blend apart (ours in particular).  We want to help you make a well-informed decision about what coffee is right for you by presenting our unique blends and their detailed flavor notes. At Nomad, we personally believe that we have some of the highest quality, best tasting coffee around. But hey, that’s just our opinion. Get to know our coffee by ordering your own fresh blends from our website and let us know which are your favorites.

At Nomad, we feature five signature blends ranging from medium to dark roasts. Not My House, Bright Midnight, and Good Morning are our medium roasts. Lost City and Night Owl are our dark roast blends.

If you’re looking to get back to basics, we also offer three single origin coffees: Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Tanzanian. Ethiopian and Tanzanian are medium roasts, while Guatemalan is a dark roast.

Our Ethiopian, Good Morning, Not My House, and Night Owl are all perfect morning wake-me-ups. They each have a mild, nutty quality, that’s followed by either tinge of sweetness or a tart citrus finish. These roasts are delicate and smooth with low acidity.

Bright Midnight and Tanzania have more of a kick to them. They are both elegantly rich and hold more of a spicy quality. Personally, we prefer either of these as an icy cold brew, or an evening recharge.

Both Lost City and our single origin Guatemalan have quite the perfect merriment of sweetness and spice. Lost City has a rich sweetness comparable to that of molasses, and Guatemala has the light sweetness of honey or ripened fruit.

Antigua Guatemala single origin is the perfect coffee for an early morning commute, and Lost City is a slow-sipper that pairs well with a chilly, autumn evening – which may be why it’s been a fan favorite with the changing season!

Grab your favorite mug and pick which blend sounds best to you, and enjoy.


IMG_6294               Tanzania 16oz Bag


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